Berichte zu den „geretteten Hunden“ – Linksammlung


Erin Froehlich in SmartLivingNetwork „Gus The Pit Bull: Can A Dog That’s Attacked REALLY Reform? – January 8, 2015 UPDATE!“
Heather Alexander in „Montgomery County dog saved by Cesar Millan trainers is on death row again“
„Dog Psychology Center Director Jen Woodard said in a statement that the dog was removed by the owner „against the strong advice and objection of his trainer.“ After the attack on Bitney, the pit bull was returned to the center and quarantined.
Woodard says the Dog Whisperer star neither trained nor ever had contact with the dog.“ Lies mehr darüber hier: Natalie Stone in „“ – Hundeflüsterer Cesar Millan wird verklagt
Victim of Pit Bull Attack Sues Cesar Millan von Chris Hall
Dog Whisperer star Cesar Millan sued by Florida nurse who was savagely attacked by pit bull that left his training center just days earlier


Marc Bekoff Ph.D. in PsychologyToday „Did Cesar Millan Have to Hang the Husky?“
Marc Bekoff Ph.D. in PsychologyToday „Shadow and Cesar Millan: An Update on the Strung Up Husky“
Marc Bekoff Ph.D. in Livescience „Is it Ever Right to Hang a Husky?“
Anna Morelli in MyGorgi „A Cesar Millan Story“
K-949 – Training for Humans with Dogs „Remember Shadow the Husky?“/Pat Miller
Caen Elegans in DogbehaviorScience „Cesar Millan Hanging Shadow“
BeyondCesarMillan – Video Comments
BeyondCesarMillan „Shadow and Riley videos – a defence of Cesar Millan by Tiffany Allen“

Simon und das Schweinchen

Mark Derr in „Psychology Today“
The Dodo „Cesar Millan Unleashes His Worst Dog Training Idea Yet“
WillisWorldandFriends „Salve Cesar – eine neue Meisterleistung“
Lumpi4 „Don´t train your dog the Cesar way ever“
Dogster „petition calls for cesar millan to lose his tvshow lets all sign it“
NBC Los Angeles „Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Under Investigation For Possible Animal Cruelty“
DailyMail UK „Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan investigated animal cruelty“
LA Times „No charges for ‚dog whisperer‘ Cesar Millan after animal cruelty investigation“
WashingtonPost „Cesar Millan the dog whisperer investigated for animal cruelty against a pig“

Fotoquelle: National Geographic Channel


Die dänische Dogge

‚TROUBLED‘ DOG ATTACKS During Walk with Dog Whisperer


Der Labrador Retriever Gator des TV-Produzenten Flody Suarez

TV-Produzent Flody Suarez verklagt den Hundeflüsterer wegen Verletzung seines Labrador Retrievers „Gator“
Klage wegen Vertragsbruch, Betrug und Tierquälerei